168CD Awakening Bodhicitta: Training in the Six Paramitas


5 talks on 10 CDs plus bonus meditation CD.
In this retreat on the training of a bodhisattva, Pema Chodron focuses on how to practice "action bodhicitta," the six paramitas of transcendental generosity, discipline, patience, joyful exertion, meditation and wisdom. The word paramita means "going to the other shore," beyond conventional, limited, selfish behavior. One could develop an open heart and approach to life which benefits oneself and others in the midst of groundlessness and uncertainty. The foundational practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation, taught by Acharya Richard John, is the basis for uncovering loving-kindness to oneself which, in turn, is the basis for the practice of the paramitas. Recorded at Lyndon State College, VT, July 1999.

Talk 1: Bodhisattva Training and the Six Paramitas
Talk 2: Bodhicitta and the Four Qualities of Meditation
Talk 3: Transcendent Knowledge
Talk 4: The Three-Fold Purities of Generosity and Discipline
Talk 5: The Paramitas of Patience and Joyful Exertion
Bonus CD: Meditation Instruction with Acharya Richard John

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