173DL Widening the Circle of Compassion


5 talks. This classic set is on the four limitless qualities, the aspiration practices of limitless maitri / lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. It's a practical guide to mixing such practice with every aspect of life, on the meditation cushion and off. The headline, title, comes from a quote by Einstein, that we could "free ourselves from the delusion of separateness by widening the circle of compassion." That is our job, our path.
Such a path is made out of obstacles, obstacles and confusions, which necessarily arise when we dedicate ourselves to such practice. Recorded at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, May 1999.

The talk titles are:
1) Self-Compassion
2) Meditation is Not about Feeling Good: five aspects of practice which nurture the four limitless qualities
3) The Near Misses and Opposites of the Four Limitless Qualities
4) The Three Noble Actions: exploring the root of happiness and the root of suffering
5) The Open Heart of Bodhicitta.

Previously, the first two talks had been featured by Great Path as the single talks "Self Compassion" (item #31) and "Meditation is Not about Feeling Good" (Item #70). Now, all five talks are available in digital format. If you already own four limitless qualities teachings, talks two and three from this set are particularly recommended as CD singles (70CD and 173CD-3) or MP3 downloads (70DL or 173DL-3). The second talk, Meditation is Not About Feeling Good, is also available as a DVD Video.

If you wish to see individual talk descriptions from this set, click on this link: view descriptions

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