144DVD Turning Toward Enlightenment: The Three Vows


6 talks on 7 DVDs. The three vows are the pratimoksha vow (precepts), the bodhisattva vow, and the samaya vow. These talks take you through the interconnectedness of the 3 vows and inspire one to further embrace groundlessness. Includes mindfulness and tonglen instruction by Ani Pema. 2009 Yarne Retreat, Gampo Abbey.
(Note: These are the same talks (unedited) as the Sounds True set called "The Three Commitments", and were also used as the basis for her book, "Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change".)

Disk 1: Talk 1: Unmasking Fixed Identity. Overview of the 3 vows. Coming to terms with the fundamental ambiguity of being human. Learning to abide in groundlessness by working with the 1-1/2 minute emotion practice.
Disk 2: Bonus Disk: Precise Technique: Basic Meditation Instruction
The single DVD of this talk can be found here: 144mDVD.
Disk 3: Talk 2: Individual Liberation: Pratimoksha and Renunciation. The pratimoksha vow is the practice of refraining without repressing. It works at the most simple level of body and speech and opens the doorway to enlightenment.
Disk 4: Talk 3: Evolving Beyond Fear and Survival. Embracing the entire experience beyond success or failure. 8 worldly dharmas describe how we function conventionally, the cycle of hope / fear that traps us. The pratimoksha is the foundation for developing spiritual confidence.
Disk 5: Talk 4: Stepping Further into Groundlessness. Connecting deeply with bodhicitta the path of heroes and heroines. Leaping right into the pain of the world.
Disk 6: Tonglen Instruction + Bodhisattva Vow Talk.
Disk 7: Talk 5: Samaya of Body, Speech, and Mind. The full embracing of groundlessness. Everything as the manifestation of enlightened energy. Seeing, touching, feeling the mandala of our life. - and - Talk 6: Cultivating Flexibility. The path is a process of unmasking and opening. Flexibility is essential. Cultivating wakefulness, fearlessness and gentleness.

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