What is an MP3?

Many of our teaching sets are available on both regular audio CDs and MP3 formatted CDs. However, most audio CDs in the MP3 format sell at 50-60% of the cost of our regular CDs. This is because there is less labor and production cost involved with the MP3 CDs.

Our MP3 CDs contain condensed audio files. A typical seminar of seven talks on 14 regular CDs fits on just 1 MP3 CD. The sound quality is quite good, especially for spoken word. MP3 audio CDs can be played on computers, ipods, CD/MP3 players, and some DVD players. If you want something portable, but donít have or want an ipod, you could acquire a portable CD player (like a walkman) that also plays MP3 disks. These are available at places like Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack, etc. for much less money than an ipod. Adaptors are also available for other types of speakers and TVs. To learn more about how to play an MP3 CD, you can download our MP3 transfer help guide (adobe .pdf)

If you like to listen in your car, but your car doesnít have an MP3 CD player, there are also adaptors for your car CD or cassette player. If you need help finding MP3 CD players or adaptors, write or email us and we will help you find any of these items online if you canít get help at your local stores.

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