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It will not be possible to make a new order of Pema Chodron's teachings through Great Path after 11:59 pm EDT Oct 27, 2014

Dear friends of Great Path, students, and teachers:

We have been deeply moved by our connections with you over the past 14 years, your great heart in working with yourselves and others, as well as your dedication to practice and study, and the teachings of Ani Pema Chodron. Your letters to us thanking us for our work are very heartening, and we thank you for all your good wishes as we enter this next phase. Please see below for more information about that.

Although we (Great Path / Robert and Jill Walker) are no longer producing teachings by Pema Chodron for sale, please contact us about any problems you may have about teachings we have already sent to you, or about orders that are already in process. We will continue to honor our commitment to make things right if there are any problems with defective CD or DVD disks, or other issues or misunderstandings. For awhile, you may still access your accounts through this website to access your previous purchases of MP3 downloads. But if you run into problems, please donít hesitate to call or write us!

We very much appreciate the opportunity to work with these excellent teachings and to collaborate with Sounds True and Shambhala Publications on so many of their products featuring Pema Chodron. Deepest thanks to all of you students and teachers out there, as well as to the people at Sounds True and Shambhala Publications, to the board of the Pema Chodron Foundation, and especially to Ani Pema Chodron.

The service work of The Pema Chodron Foundation has been exemplary; we encourage you all to support their work, which now includes the maintenance and care of the Pema Chodron audio and video archive. All of their good work is guided by the intentions and prayers of Ani Pema Chodron. And, the audio and video teachings and books by Pema Chodron that are available through Shambhala Publications and Sounds True support a full curriculum of meditation practice, study, and instructions for working with love, compassion, and overcoming obstacles in everyday life. Check them out!

Itís been a great ride!

With love and best wishes for you all,

Robert and Jill Walker
Great Path

For the many excellent teachings by Pema Chodron that are available, contact:

Shambhala Publications, www.shambhala.com
Sounds True, www.soundstrue.com
Pema Chodron Foundation: www.pemachodronfoundation.org

Great Path mission continues.
We will continue to offer audio dharma teachings and curricula based on the oral instructions of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Pema Chodronís teacher, as presented by some of his senior students. Some of these may be audio from classes or programs offered to our local dharma group in Southwest Michigan (Kalamazoo area): http://dharmagroup-michigan.host-ed.me. If youíd like to be in touch with us about our local programs, online classes, and the like, please write Robert and Jill Walker at gptapes@aol.com. If youíre interested in the activities of our local dharma study group, contact us at dharmagroup@aol.com, or call us: 269-384-4167.

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